Johannes Mainusch / @docjoe
Benedikt Stemmildt / @bstemmildt

(aka Bene)
means "blessed"

You are blessed with the gift of programming, running and generally being a super guy to have around whenever you need help, inspiriation or friendship...

(aka docjoe)

... has always been more than a little different from the other kids.

... does not like boundaries

... and is mostly nice to cats

in April 2014 Bene and I shared two common thoughts...

raspberry pi foo with node.js and websockets which then became

...and the idea to give a talk in the code talks conference...

from that we invented
a way to thow virtual stuff at real speakers
this is Johann Peter Hartmann at the bonded2014 conference
getting some stars for his performance...

another star at the bonded2014 conference
this is Ali Jelveh talking about how to start up at the bonded2014 conference
getting some stars for his performance...

and we wanted to give a talk at the code talks conference...

so why do people code?

get you
Let's get everyone involved...

enter: cpWz
What of the following describes your profession best?
How good are you at coding?
Which of the following techs do you like best?
Which level of professionalism do you have?

einfach machen!
and then 23 fast iterations...

I have seen the plan --> do --> check --> act cycle on sooo many ppt slides...

but most projects do not cycle, they stop in the first round somewhere

and they forget that half of the cycle ("do" and "act") are actually "doings" and not "plannings"...

and they forget "fail", "fail", "and again fail..."

the dream cycle...

Bene an I contemplated about dreaming... laziness... inactivity...
Where do you have your great ideas?
When did I learn my last tech?
in February 2014 I asked Christian Stamm to help with some pair programming on my smartmeter stuff

Christian: "Where are your tests?"

so I started learning mocha for node js...

and this was the outcome after 2,5 weeks...
learning is...
When did you learn your last tech?

the nerd

forgotten Nerds work alone at the end of a value chain...

no learning mentioned here
Are you student, empoyed, employed as a consultant,...?

you got to train people to become the best team!

pair programming helps!

check out our blog about pair programming...
What about you and pair-programming??
Rate this: My work place is good for learning new things!

Communication between customers and technitions is largely done via (MS-Word) documents. Created by people who are amateurish authors and consumed by non-enthusiastic readers. To simulate the difficulties, we played a telphone game 2.0. Here are the results...
proverbial knowledge travels easy own the communication chain.
"Die faktische Kraft des sprich-wörtlichen..."
"What, if the starting idea is not proverbial?"
this is why we like to work in cross-functional teams

why we do daily standups

why we do retros and reviews

and why we start to wonder about better ways of managing things...
communication vs. programming at your work... cp9I
42 or
what is
your quest?
Would you like do a job without coding/tech/internet?
For how much more anual net-pay would change your current job to arms industry?

Y now code?

Why do we code?

is programming really as rewarding as jam production?

Johannes: coding, producing, bastelling
fulfills my need to learn and produce

Bene: It's like a world behind the screen, where I can do what I want...
Which of Johannes'
and Bene' s coding
motives do you like?

Freedom   I am free to do what I want
Creativity   I can form a World behind the screen
LogicPuzzles   it's like a cute mathematical puzzle
Learning+Improving   I have to understand the details
Challenging   never boring, there is always new stuff
Rewarding   feeling when bug is fixed and test green
FlowExperience   I get a flow experience
SomethingElse   it is more than that
Do you agree?

keep on
hacking the world!

HeY Jude
don't make it bad
take a sad song
and make IT better

The Beatles, 26. August 1968