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& Managers


- go live on 24th October 2013
– three months before schedule
- 50.000 users per hour on a bad monday morning
- and 10.000€ per minute...
- 2 seconds answer time on average

the manager

the nerd

the nerd2

2013 -->


- Intershop based
– 280.000 individual lines of code
- 10 years of development
- Enfinity 6
- >3 seconds answer time on average in 2011

Peter Wolter
20140219 Lhotse - Adaptive IT v10 ger.pptx in 2011

Peter Wolter
20140219 Lhotse - Adaptive IT v10 ger.pptx in 2011

Peter Wolter
20140219 Lhotse - Adaptive IT v10 ger.pptx

we had to change something...

Conways Law

organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

Melvin Edward Conway

in 2011

we started refactoring the E-Commerce organization...

communication in line organizations

Line Organizations

communication in groups

Communication between customers and technitions is largely done via (MS-Word) documents. Created by people who are amateurish authors and consumed by non-enthusiastic readers. To simulate the difficulties, we played a telphone game 2.0. Here are the results...
proverbial knowledge travels easy own the communication chain.
"Die faktische Kraft des sprich-wörtlichen..."
"What, if the starting idea is not proverbial?"

Managers and Nerds!
stop telephone games!

the nerd value chain...

Nerds are problem solvers. If you know, how to operate nerds, you can earn a lot of money...
Usually a nerd will get some money to solve a problem. Like Stephan, who charges me 25c for MS-Exchange Tipps or for helping me with git merges... That is a value chain, but a short one...
Matroschkaing developers from customers via layers of project leads and sales people provides a much better value chain...
Of course there are still ways to optimize tihs nerd valu chain. I googled IT-Engineer wages in India and from that I calculated per hourly wages between 0,25 and 5€.
I believe, this is then a value drain rather than a value chain.
I dedicate this logo to the stopping of value drains.

forgotten nerds

forgotten Nerds work alone at the end of a value chain...
they do get very rare training, they work alone...

don't let them forget you!!

epic fails

epic fails I - missing vision

that was in 2005
in 2012 a central data link went life...
in 2013 work is ongoing

epic fails II - out sourcing

you implemented, maintained, cost cut, out sourced and iterated this loop...

all of your experts moved long on to a new Klondyke

your architecture now looks like a ghost town

epic fails II - out sourcing

ghost town architectures

out source
out of source

epic fails III - back and forth management

in IT it's either "true" or "false". There is no room for

it's about technology!

about learning

about learning

no learning mentioned here

about learning

about learning

you got to train people to become the best team!

pair programming helps!

check out our blog about pair programming...

pair programming helps, because

I believe, we have the first pair programming coach in Germany...

create an environment

The future company...

...will succeed due to it's
coherent personal and company values
collaboration across functional lines
excellent communication
decentralized work
democratic and flexible structure

I believe, Managers need to be Nerds

As a manager,

I know my next big tech thing (Erlang)...

I programm raspberry pis to become smart meters

I got Inspiration from the book by Ricardo Semler

I hired a pair programming coach

Nerds, manage the business!
Managers, coach them!

Come gather 'round people wherever you roam
And admit that the waters around you have grown
And accept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Bob Dylan wir sind live
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Karierre bei otto wir sind live
fachartikel über die Lhotse Architektur
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