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Curiosities in IT


the Nerd Value Chain
the V-Model
the forgotten Nerd
the Big Project
Ghost Towns
the Architecture Legacy
the Schmitt Trigger decisions
no Learning in IT
Line Organizations
Communication and Relationships
Misses in Communication
Nerds are problem solvers. If you know, how to operate nerds, you can earn a lot of money...
Usually a nerd will get some money to solve a problem. Like Stephan, who charges me 25c for MS-Exchange Tipps or for helping me with git merges... That is a value chain, but a short one...
Matroschkaing developers from customers via layers of project leads and sales people provides a much better value chain...
Of course there are still ways to optimize tihs nerd valu chain. I googled IT-Engineer wages in India and from that I calculated per hourly wages between 0,25 and 5€.
I believe, this is then a value drain rather than a value chain.
I dedicate this logo to the stopping of value drains.
Communication between customers and technitions is largely done via (MS-Word) documents. Created by people who are amateurish authors and consumed by non-enthusiastic readers. To simulate the difficulties, we played a telphone game 2.0. Here are the results...
proverbial knowledge travels easy own the communication chain.
"Die faktische Kraft des sprich-wörtlichen..."
"What, if the starting idea is not proverbial?"
forgotten Nerds work alone at the end of a value chain...
they do get very rare training, they work alone...

epic fails I - missing vision

that was in 2005
in 2012 a central data link went life...
in 2013 work is ongoing

epic fails II - out sourcing

you implemented, maintained, cost cut, out sourced and iterated this loop...

all of your experts moved long on to a new Klondyke

your architecture now looks like a ghost town

epic fails II - out sourcing

ghost town architectures

out source
out of source

epic fails III - back and forth management

in IT it's either "true" or "false". There is no room for

about learning

no learning mentioned here

about learning

about learning

Line Organizations

Internet Funde

sollte ich ein 360 Grad Feedback machen?

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